Donnabellez (Donna Deblois) is a well known Let's Player on Youtube. She has done 4 Let's Plays and a versus with AttackingTucans. She is currently doing LPs of Majora's Mask & We ♥ Katamari.


Let's PlaysEdit

Super Mario Galaxy (May 30th 2010 - August 22nd 2010)

Katamari Damacy (April 10th 2011 - July 5th 2011)

Super Mario Sunshine (July 31st 2011 - April 8th 2012)

Majora's Mask (September 27th 2010 - present)

Other ProjectsEdit

Mario-Kart: Double Dash (August 28th 2010 - September 10th 2010)

We ♥ Katamari (August 25th 2012 - present)

Super Mario Galaxy Versus [With AttackingTucans] (June 9th 2012 - April 11th 2013)


Often *refers to Princess Peach as 'Bitch Tits'* [Any game Princess Peach appears in]

"Happy Dance!" [From Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Sunshine, & Super Mario Galaxy Versus]

"SHINE!!!" [From Super Mario Sunshine & Super Mario Galaxy Versus]