Josh Jepson
Josh Jepson 2
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Gender Male
Country United States
Channel Creation Date January 3, 2008
Date of First Let's Play December 9, 2009
First Let's Play The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Latest Let's Play Super Mario Galaxy
Number of Subscribers 117,424
Number of Completed Let's Plays 26
Number of Videos 20,076,646
Video Views 462,851,118
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Josh Jepson is a famous YouTube Let's Player best known for his high video quality and the various catchphrases from his videos. He also has an AMAZING HAIRCUT.

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For Versus LPs with Attackingtucans, see Versus.

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  • "My name is JoshJepson, but you knew that already."
  • "OMG, What was the heck, was the what, the what, the what?!?"