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Gender Male
Country Canada
Channel Creation Date September 26, 2007
Date of First Let's Play March 8, 2007
First Let's Play Kirby Super Star
Latest Let's Play Gunstar Heroes
Number of Subscribers 120,196
Number of Completed Let's Plays 16
Number of Videos 178
Video Views 36,575,872
Channel [1]

PrtonJonSA, more commonly called Jon is a YouTube and former Something Awful Let's Player, best known for his LP of the Kaizo Mario World ROM hacks with Psychedelic Eyeball and Wugga.

One of the first popular video Let's Players, he is listed by many LPers as an influence. He is part of the collaborative Let's Play channel, TheRunawayGuys, with Chuggaaconroy and NintendoCapriSun

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